Ogre Tribes



This product contains a package of STL files intended for 3D printing.
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I'm pleased to present you the Ogre Tribes scenery set.

This set contains a selection of objects suitable for Ogre Tribes, barbarians, orc and similar creatures.


Models included in this set:

  • The Great Cauldron (Couldron Only)
  • The Great Cauldron (Just Scaffolding)
  • The Great Cauldron (Complete)
  • Huge Barrel (Closed)
  • Huge Barrel (Open)
  • Huge Barrel x4 (with a base and without)
  • Huge Chest
  • Huge Wooden Keg
  • Ogre Tent #1
  • Ogre Tent #2
  • Ogre Tower (left and right, can be used as a Gate)
  • Ogre Watch Tower
  • Tribe Throne (Complete)
  • Tribe Throne (Only Platform)
  • Tribe Throne (Just a Throne)


Models from this set are made for FDM printing and do not require using any supports.