3DHexes Commercial License

Types of commercial licenses and how to obtain them

I offer two different types of commercial licenses for my files:

  1. The first type is the Perpetual Commercial License for specific products.
Licenses for individual sets are available at 3dhexes.com - the license selection must be made when purchasing the set.


I also offer this type of license on my Kickstarter campaigns.
This license does not require any additional fees, it is a one-time purchase - although it is strongly limited by the number of files covered by the license.
The Lifetime License for Single Bundles is ideal for first-time Merchants who are not interested in spending monthly subscriptions and prefer a one-time purchase that will expand their store's offer permanently.



  1. The second type of license is the Subscription form.
It is very affordable, but you do not get any additional models with the subscription.
Stores with an active and paid subscription get a commercial license for models they already have in their MyMiniFactory or Gumroad library (Models purchased on 3dhexes.com go to the Gumroad library).
Models should therefore be purchased additionally - or obtained, for example, through Patreon / Tribes (models obtained in this way are also added by me to your MMF / Gumroad library). People who join the Subscription also receive a 30% discount code for products offered by me on MyMiniFactory.


The choice of license type is up to you. This offer is very flexible. License types can also be combined, e.g. by having a Perpetual License from Kickstarter (for specific models), and additionally purchase several other sets and join the Subscription. Everything depends on your needs and preferences.


You can join the second form, Subscription, below. At the bottom of the page you will also find the terms of use of the Perpetual Commercial License.

Interested in subscribing of my Commercial License? Click image below or this [LINK]


3DHexes Commercial License
Terms of Use


  • Merchant's may sell printed models from my designs as long as they remain subscribed to a Gumroad’s Subscription that provides a commercial license*.
  • Merchants may not sell or distribute my digital files.
  • Merchants must credit 3DHexes  as the  creator of the designs in all product listings and posts made using my  designs.
  • Merchants may not trade my digital files for prints or services.
  • The commercial license is limited only to the use of the file for 3D printing purposes. Other types of use, i.e. for commercial use
    in illustrations, games, concept art, etc., are prohibited.
  • Filling in the 3DHexes Registry survey (received on email upon subscribing) is mandatory for receiving the Commercial Use License**.
  • Merchant names will be listed publicly on www.3dhexes.com
  • Resin or metal casting, as well as injection molding is not covered by this license and strictly forbidden.
  • Merchants may not use my renders, prints, or photos of my models for any purpose besides advertising the sale of those prints
    they are licensed for.
  • Merchants may not use 3DHexes content for any crowdfunding campaigns.
  • No file modification allowed. If you need to modify the file, please contact me.
  • 3DHexes retains the right to revoke any Commercial Use License at any time.
  • Any theft, redistribution, resale, imitation, licensing, leasing, or claimed ownership of the creator’s copyrighted brand and materials
    will be considered a breach of this agreement, an infringement of copyright law, and dealt with accordingly.


*Does not apply to the Perpetual Commercial License

** The Registry Survey is sent automatically in the case of a Subscription. If you purchase a Perpetual License for any of the products, the survey is sent manually and may be delayed.