Canyon of Ashes



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I'm pleased to present you the Canyon of Ashes scenery set.

Canyon of Ashes is a place located near the Amethyst Oasis. It is famous for its (now inactive) mines, although it is said that the steep stone walls of the canyon and the tooth-like cliffs may still hide valuable resources. In the canyon, you can often meet rare dangerous creatures, as well as bandits, using abandoned mining scaffolds for their ambushes.


This set is especially great for RPGs and skirmish wargames.

Due to the size of the items in this set, I suggest printing them with Lightning Infill (15-20%).


Models included in this set:

  • Modular Cliffs
    3 Pillars - Small (2 floors), Medium (3 floors) and Huge (5 floors).  You can freely mix mid-floors from this set.
  • Scaffolding Extenders (5 variants)
    Thanks to these elements, you can expand default scaffolding. Glue them or stick together with  a blu tack.
  • Ladders (2 variants)
  • Wooden Footbridges (2 variants)
    Use them to connect your Pillars and Islands.
  • Plank Walls (7 variants)
    7 different walls in different lengths.
  • Single Rock Islands (2 variants)
    Those will be quite useful for connecting the main Pillars.
  • The Mine Entry