Yellow Bundle – Pay What You Want

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The Anniversary Bundles were created to celebrate the Second Anniversary of my webstore. They were available for a limited time, however, due to the fact that I get (VERY) frequent inquiries about these sets, I decided to bring them back.

All the sets are of great value and one of them (Yellow) is available to you as “Pay what you want“.

I hope that the return of these sets will please those who asked for their return, and those who did not know them before will take the opportunity to buy scenery sets at such bargain prices.







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This set is quite special- it’s something completely different from the other sets.

I created it for people who are currently in a difficult financial situation due to the situation with coronavirus.
It is also dedicated to people who have rightly decided to #StayHome.
This set will help them fight boredom, help them through this difficult time.

You can pay as much as you like for these models. You can enter any amount in the payment window - even $0 (and you’re welcome to do this).

However, if you want to support me (and I must admit that I am also in quite a difficult financial situation), you can tip me any amount (even $1 will be very much appreciated).


This bundle includes the following models:

  • Column set (8 versions)
  • Gate of the Forest Lady # 2
  • Runed Stone Tablet
  • Ritual Platform # 2 (with columns)
  • The Bright Gate
  • Demonic Gate
  • Crystal Core


None of the models in this set require any supports. All models are easy to print and should not cause any problems.

I hope you will enjoy this Bundle.


These files are licensed for personal use.
You do not have permission to sell the prints or distribute the files.

Interested in a commercial license?
Check here: