Tangled Realm scenery

Thorned Wall


These twisted tendrils will effectively make the journey of DnD player characters more difficult.

In the case of wargames, they can be an obstacle for entire armies that want to march through the thickets of the jungle.


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This product contains:

- STL files of Thorned Wall
- STL file of Thorns Set

This product is also included in the Tangled Realm Bundle #1.

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- The scale and orientation of all files has been improved
- Thorned Wall has been refreshed. Now it is possible to print it without supports (although it is recommended to print it with supports)

Note: It's not a physical product. The package contains digital STL files. You will need to print them yourself using a 3d printer.

These files are licensed for personal use. You do not have permission to sell the prints or distribute the files.

Interested in a commercial license? Check here: https://3dhexes.com/merchantsvault/

What are the advantages of printing your scenery?

  • You can create a battlefield and customize it to your preferences
  • No shipping costs
  • Immediate delivery of files
  • The possibility of using different materials
  • Printing pieces of scenery at any scale


The miniatures presented in the pictures belong to Games Workshop and are shown only for the scale.