Tangled Realm scenery

Tangled Realm Bundle #2


The multi-element bundle of mysterious and odd ruins hidden in the deep jungle.

The elements included in it fit both fantasy and science fiction systems.



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This bundle contains:

- Tendril Set - 11 different tendrils, each in multiple versions
- Crystal Core
- Thorned Wall
- Crystal Spikes
- Thorns Set (scale them according to your needs)
- Ornamental Orb
- Embowed Edifices

Arched Structures are split into two parts, they should be printed flat on the printing bed. Glue two parts together. Connectors/pins are optional, they may be useful for some people.
Only some jungle tendrils need supports - click [HERE] to check out the printing guide.


Free samples of my designs are available [HERE] and on Thingiverse.

Note: It's not a physical product. The package contains digital STL files. You will need to print them yourself using a 3d printer.

These files are licensed for personal use. You do not have permission to sell the prints or distribute the files.

Interested in a commercial license? Check here: https://3dhexes.com/merchantsvault/

What are the advantages of printing your scenery?

  • You can create a battlefield and customize it to your preferences
  • No shipping costs
  • Immediate delivery
  • The possibility of using different materials
  • Printing pieces of scenery at any scale

The miniatures presented in the pictures belong to Games Workshop and are shown only for the scale.