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The Sunken City Set


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Welcome to the Sunken City!

This adventure will lead us to the corners of the underwater ruins of an ancient city - or on the contrary - perhaps it is a city that has been hidden under the water for hundreds of years, and only recently appeared on the surface ...? It will be up to you.

This set includes many barnacles covered objects, as well as elements that you can use to spice up the storyline of your adventure or to diversify your battlefield.

There are many ruins, architectural elements, a throne room, strange-looking geometric
structures, and even a giant crab patiently waiting for its victims await in this bundle.

All models from this set are completely supportless for FDM printing.

This set includes:

  • Sunken City Columns (2 versions)
  • Sunken City Huge Crab
  • Sunken City Ruins #1 - #5
  • Sunken City Throne
  • Sunken City Wall
  • Sunken Scatter Island 1# - #3

and also - Embowed Set:

  • 4 Arcs with optional connectors. These structures are printable in 2-3 pieces.
  • Embowed Scatter Ruins (5 versions)