Tangled Realm scenery

Shrine of Light – Set


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The miniatures presented in the pictures are made by Duncan "Shadow" Louca and are shown only for the scale. They are used with the knowledge and consent of the author. They are not included in the presented product



This set includes 5 variants of a Shrine of Light (but there are 2 main "templates"). I wanted to create something interesting with the new GW's Lumineth Realm-Lords in mind.

These pieces look similar to the Hysh shrines from WFB world, but they're decorated with gems and other symbol.

You can use them as any other piece of terrain - elven or not. More neutral looking variants will suit even Sci-fi tables in my opinion.

Make sure that your retraction settings are fine - you will retract quite a lot printing these models.

Models from this set do not require any supports.