Anniversary Bundles

Red Bundle

$83.84 $30.00

The Anniversary Bundles were created to celebrate the Second Anniversary of my webstore. They were available for a limited time, however, due to the fact that I get (VERY) frequent inquiries about these sets, I decided to bring them back.

All the sets are of great value and one of them (Yellow) is available to you as “Pay what you want“.

I hope that the return of these sets will please those who asked for their return, and those who did not know them before will take the opportunity to buy scenery sets at such bargain prices.







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Red Bundle - $30 instead of $83.84!

This pack contains numerous unique models that will make your gaming table truly special.  Models from this set have different strong themes, that will match  different types of themed adventures or battlefields. Everyone will find something for themselves in this Bundle.

Some models are quite complex, but they have been designed so that they do not require the use of supports - they are divided into separate elements that after printing should be glued together (I suggest using superglue). An example of such a multi-element model is e.g. the Dwarven Anvil of Calamity or the grim Captive Statue.

Particularly noteworthy are models with the Death theme, such as Death Monolith, Death Statue or Raven Throne.


This bundle includes the following models:

  • Wizardly Cave Enter
  • Bone Monolith (2 versions)
  • Dragon’s Totem
  • Death Shrine / Statue
  • Lion throne
  • Stone Prisoner # 1 & # 2
  • Raven Throne
  • Demonic Gate (2 versions)
  • Lion Shrine (2 versions)
  • Captive Statue (2 versions)
  • Everchanging Gate
  • Monumental broken female bust
  • Several types of lionesses and sphinx sculptures
  • Stylized Wolf Statue (3 versions)
  • Stone Hand Throne
  • Statue of the Cursed Ones (Werewolf Statue)


These files are licensed for personal use.
You do not have permission to sell the prints or distribute the files.

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