Texture Roller – Free Sample


Make your miniature bases and DnD tiles in easy way!

This is just a free sample, you can get full printable Texture Rollers packs
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This product contains:
- STL file of 3D printable Texture Roller - Mosaic #1

It is recommended to print Texture Rollers using a very low layer height, such as 0.08 - 0.12mm.

Test prints were made with 15% infill. Supports are not needed.

Default dimensions:
Diameter: 32mm
Height: 100mm

Use instructions:
Put the appropriate putty/clay on the chosen surface. Smooth the surface using, for example, a roller or other cylindrical object (even spray can).

Move the Roller over the putty/clay applying equal pressure at all parts.

You can use a lot of different materials. Some require proper preparation, check the manufacturer's recommendations. The easiest to use material is polymer clay.

Popular materials for use with these Rollers are also Green Stuff and Milliput.
Remember to keep your Roller clean. Try searching for tips for the specific material you use (eg using oil to make the material less sticky, or using baking paper, etc.).

These files are licensed for personal use. You do not have permission to sell the prints or distribute the files.
Interested in a commercial license? Check here:

Useful videos on how to use this type of Rollers: