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Patreon Rewards – April 2021


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In the April pack you will find a new version of my very first model dedicated to 3D printing - The Vined Throne. The new version is much more complex and rich in details (it is best to print it using low layer heights), I spent a lot of time to make sure that it can be printed without any supports. This model is a reference to my other models such as the Goddess of Life etc.

I hope that this model will not offend anyone - I wanted to refer to classic sculptures and paintings showing beauty (in this case - quite intimidating and disturbind beauty) - without a doubt I do not treat it as a study of oversexualized pin-ups, which I do not like.

I am also attaching a few bigger vines to the throne that will look good in his company.

The second part of this set is The Place of Knowledge. It consists of a huge statue of the mysterious Lore Seeker - his hand has a flat platform on which any human-like miniature can fit. The head is available in three versions - full/complete, hollow inside with a hole (the walls are about 4mm thick) and ruined, which can serve as a temporary shelter from enemy arrows or bad atospheric conditions.

The last element of these Rewards are Ritual Circles in two variants. One is "classic", the other one refers to the throne and larger vines, so they can be used in a set.

I hope you will like these models.


Models from this set do not require any supports (if you are using an FDM printer).

STL files included in this product:

  • 2 variants of Ritual Circle
  • Small Jungle Tendrils set
  • Throne of Vines (2021 version)
  • The Place of Knowledge set

NOTE: This product does not contain any physical models - Contains only digital products in the form of STL files for printing on your own 3D printer.

The miniatures presented in the pictures (dwarf, female druid and warrior) are made by Duncan "Shadow" Louca and are shown only for the scale. They are used with the knowledge and consent of the author. They are not included in the presented product.


These files are licensed for personal use.
You do not have permission to sell the prints or distribute the files.

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