The Merchant’s Vault is a licence that authorizes you to sell 3D prints of my designs for profit.

Please read this text very carefully if you are interested in a commercial license of my files.

The rules of this license are simple:

  • The license is a form of subscription. It is paid monthly.
  • Royalty free - I do not charge any fees on the prints you have sold.
  • As long as your subscription (licence) is active, you can sell as many prints as you like.
  • In the Merchant’s Vault you can find all the models that I have done so far. In addition, more designs will be added monthly.
  • New files will appear automatically in your account (if your subscription is active).
  • The number of active commercial licenses is limited.
  • The subscription may be canceled at any time, but in this case you lose the right to sell my projects, even if you still have the source files.
  • You can not claim that the designs were designed by you.
  • You can sell prints, but you can not resell STL / OBJ files.
  • The description "Designed by 3DHexes" is welcome.
  • I reserve the right to cancel the license for users who break its rules.

Interested? To access Merchant's Vault, join the "Merchant's Vault" Tier on my Patreon.

Currently, Merchant's Vault includes:

- Stone Prisoner #1 (currently Patreon exclusive)
- Stone Prisoner #2 (currently Patreon exclusive)
- Gate of the Forest Lady #1 (currently Patreon exclusive)
- Gate of the Forest Lady #2 (currently Patreon exclusive)
- Stone Tablet (currently Patreon exclusive)
- Arched Gate v.2 (currently Patreon exclusive)
- Gate of Stars (currently Patreon exclusive)
- The Bright Gate
- Ornamental Orb
- Embowed Edifices
- Crystal Spikes
- Crystal Core
- Runed Pillar
- Ancient Hands
- Arboreal Gate
- Texture Rollers #1
- Texture Rollers – Cobblestones
- Ancient Heads
- Thorned Wall
- Vined Throne
- the rest of Tangled Realm Bundle #1 & Tangled Realm Bundle #2

current Merchant's Vault designs