The Merchant’s Vault is a licence that authorizes you to sell 3D prints of my designs for profit.

Please read this text very carefully if you are interested in a commercial license of my files.

The rules of this license are simple:

  • The license is a form of subscription. It is paid monthly or annually with a discount.
  • Royalty free - I do not charge any fees on the prints you have sold.
  • As long as your subscription (licence) is active, you can sell as many prints as you like.
  • In the Merchant’s Vault you can find all the models that I have done so far. In addition, more designs will be added monthly.
  • Access to the files is granted after sending me an email. A short introduction is welcome.
  • New files are added automatically to your account (if your subscription is active).
  • The number of active commercial licenses is limited.
  • The subscription may be canceled at any time, but in this case you lose the right to sell my projects, even if you still have the source files.
  • You can not claim that the designs were designed by you.
  • You can sell prints, but you can not resell STL / OBJ files.
  • The description "Designed by 3DHexes" is welcome.
  • I reserve the right to cancel the license for users who break its rules.

Interested? To access Merchant's Vault, join the "Merchant's Vault" Tier on my Patreon.


examples of Merchant's Vault designs