Patreon Rewards – May 2020

This whole set is dedicated to my favorite theme and the first set of scenery I created - The Tangled Realm. There you will find overgrown, massive vines growing out of the ground, tangled cliffs and a mysterious, ancient statue of a long-forgotten goddess.

Models included in this set:

Vined Cliffs
10 different vined rock formations. This kind of terrain shows up in many video games, so it may seem familiar to you. With these models, you can create well known cRPG locations to your gaming tables.

The vined passage
This type of gate, formed in (un) natural (some druids probably had their hands in it!) will be an interesting obstacle for many adventurers - or for entire enemy units on the battlefield.

6 different enormous jungle tendrils & 6 different small jungle tendrils
There is no doubt a story behind the rise of such enormous vines. What kind of story? It's up to you. If you are not interested in printing such large vines, you can easily scale them down in your slicer - they will still print well and without using supports.

Statue of the fallen goddess
Detailed, eye-catching, and awesome - but still easy to print. This statue can be the center-piece of your gaming table, especially if you paint it.

Models from this set do not require any supports (if you are using an FDM printer).

NOTE: This product does not contain any physical models - Contains only digital products in the form of STL files for printing on your own 3D printer.

The miniatures presented in the pictures (dwarf, female druid and warrior) are made by Duncan "Shadow" Louca and are shown only for the scale. They are used with the knowledge and consent of the author. They are not included in the presented product.

List of files:

  • Statue of the Fallen Goddess
  • The Vined Passage
  • Vined Rocks
  • Jungle Tendrils (huge)
  • Small Jungle Tendrils