Patreon Rewards – December 2020

I am pleased to present you the December Rewards - The Floating Islands Set.
When designing this set, I wanted it to be an interesting product also for people who are not interested in using actual flying islands. Thanks to this, you will find a variety of scatter scenery that I used to create the islands - all elements such as obelisks and crystals can be printed separately and used in any way not related to flying islands.

There are nine islands - they are divided into small and large. They all stand on rods that can be printed or purchased (for example, on Amazon. Unfortunately, acrylic clear rods don't come really cheap). Large islands use 1 inch rods, small islands use 0.5 inch rods. The minimum height of the rods that can be used for this design is 15cm.

In the files you will find printable rods with a height of 15cm, 20cm and 25cm

All the islands are printed in two parts and can optionally use magnets. The maximum size of the magnets that can be used for the islands is 15mm (diameter) x 3mm (height). If you are using lower magnets, I suggest you use some kind of putty or thick glue to fill the slot.

The upper parts of the islands have been designed to be an interesting element of the scenery even when lying flat on the table. In this way you can get interesting hills with columns or crystal formations, for example.
The set also includes separate lower parts of the islands without any holes - they can be used as hills and rock formations.

Two variants of bases for the islands are also included. Thanks to them, the islands should stand firmly on the table. I suggest using a slightly larger infill for them to make them heavy enough, or weight them down in some other way.

Models from this set do not require any supports (if you are using an FDM printer).

NOTE: This product does not contain any physical models - Contains only digital products in the form of STL files for printing on your own 3D printer.

The miniatures presented in the pictures (dwarf, female druid and warrior) are made by Duncan "Shadow" Louca and are shown only for the scale. They are used with the knowledge and consent of the author. They are not included in the presented product.


List of files:

  • Floating Islands Set