Merchant’s Vault – Commercial Use of my files

The Crafter's License is a license that authorizes you to sell 3D prints of my designs for profit.

It is created for people who want to occasionally sell prints of my desing (for example, for commisions to print + paint scenery elements).
People who are interested in selling more prints (and regularly getting new designs) should check out my Merchant's Vault.


Interested? Please read this text very carefully.

The rules of this license are simple. I will try to present them in very clear and easy to understand points:
  • The license is a form of subscription. It is paid yearly.
  • I do not charge any fees on the prints you have sold.
  • As long as your subscription (licence) is active, you can sell as many prints as you like.
  • You are authorized to sell prints, but not for castings (e.g. resin casts). Creating moulds and casts for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden.
  • You can sell prints, but you can not resell STL / OBJ files.
  • I reserve the right to cancel the license for users who break its rules.